There are different names or Titles used for addressing the Blessed one, 50 such names used in addressing The Buddha are listed below, remainder will be listed in Part 2 :

  1. Buddho (බුද්ධෝ) – Known as Buddha due to the complete understanding of Four Noble Truths,
  2. Dasabalo (දසබලො) – Having ten wisdom powers (dasabala),
  3. Sattha (සත්ථා) – Teacher to all humans, celestial beings and Brahmins,
  4. Sabbannu (සබ්බඤ්ඤු) – Completely understanding worldly and non-worldly phenomena,
  5. Deepaduttama (දීපදූත්තම) – Superior to all beings waking by two feet,
  6. Muniddaro (මුනිද්රො) – Superior to all Arahants (muni) who are free from all defilements,
  7. Bhagava (භගවා) – Possessing all prosperous features of Lordship, Doctrine, Fame, Glory, etc,
  8. Nartho (නාථො) – Having helped all the beings with limitless compassion,
  9. Chakkuma (චක්ඛුමා) – Seeing the truth of the world,
  10. Angiraso (අංගීරසො) – Spreading rays of seven colours from blessed one body,
  11. Muni (මුනී) – Destroyed all defilements arise due to speech, body and mind,
  12. Lokanartho (ලෝකනාථො) – Having helped all beings in sense sphere/ forms sphere/formless sphere (kama/rupa/arupa) planes,
  13. Anadhiwaro (අනධිවරෝ) – Comprehending all things to be comprehended,
  14. Mahesi (මහෙසී) – Superior to all Jhana gained ascetics,
  15. Vinayaka (විනායක) – Having great discipline (vinaya),
  16. Samanthachakku (සමන්තාචක්ඛු) – Realizing all the details of world/ universe without anything yet to be realized,
  17. Sugatho (සුගතෝ) – Having attained blissful Nibbana,
  18. Bhuripanna (භූරිපඤ්ඤ) – Having ability to see and comprehend things which cannot be seen by human naked eye,
  19. Maraji (මාරජි) – Defeated all Mara (defilements/kilesa) dhammas,
  20. Narasiha (නරසීහ) – Greatest among all humans,
  21. Narawaro (නරවරෝ) – Greatest among all humans and no comparison to the blessed one among humans,
  22. Dhammaraja (ධම්මරාජා) – King to all kinds of virtues,
  23. Devadevo (දෙවදෙවො) – Having helped all celestial beings (deva),
  24. Lokaguru (ලෝකගුරු) – Having received honor and respect from all beings,
  25. Dhammassami (ධම්මස්සාමි) – Greatest to all the wholesome virtues,
  26. Thathagata (තථාගත) – Attained Nibbana by stopping the life flux (sansara),
  27. Sayambhu (සයම්භූ) – Self realizing all the dhammas to realized,
  28. Samma sambuddha (සම්මා සම්බුද්ධ) – Realizing the five Neyya Mandala dhammas,
  29. Warapanna (වරපඤ්ඤ) – Incomparable in wisdom and knowledge,
  30. Anantajina (අන්නජිත) – Succeeding all things to be succeed,
  31. Asamo (අසමෝ) – Incomparable to any beings,
  32. Asa samo (අස සමෝ) – Can be compared only to another Buddha,
  33. Appatimo (අප්පටිමෝ) – Impossible to sculpture a statue comprising all characteristic features,
  34. Appatibhago (අප්පටිභාගෝ) – Nobody to deny or say otherwise to doctrine preached by the Buddha,
  35. Appatipuggalo (අප්පටි පුද්ගලෝ) – Nobody to utter “you are not Buddha and i am the Buddha”,
  36. Setto (සෙට්ඨො) – Supreme to all the beings in world,
  37. Jetto (ජෙට්ඨො) – Senior to all the beings in world,
  38. Sathyapungawa (සත්යපුංගව) – Brightening the Shakkya lineage,
  39. Mayadevsubha (මායාදෙවිසුභ) – Son of the queen Maha Maya,
  40. Samantabaddha (සමන්තභද්ද) – Doing good in every way,
  41. Narasabha (නරාසභ) – Born among humans and became superior among humans,
  42. Lokajina (ලෝකජින) – Having conquered all the worlds,
  43. Lokaji (ලෝකජි) – Having no other world to conquer,
  44. Purisadhamma sarathi (පුරිසධම්මසාරති) – Skilled in taming beings,
  45. Dhammassaro (ධම්මස්සරෝ) – Supreme to all the Dhammas preached,
  46. Achchejakajja wachano (අච්චෙජකධජ්ජ වචනො) – Having words which cannot be denied,
  47. Sattavahaka (සත්ථ වාහක) – Showing the path to countless beings to attain Nibbana (ending life flux),
  48. Vishudhideva (විශුද්ධිදෙව) – Free from all defilements,
  49. Samanissara (සමණීස්සර) – Leader to all bhikkus (monks),
  50. Janeysutha (ජනෙසුත) – Parent to all the beings,

May all beings be well & happy and attain the fruit of Nibbana.