1.Svakkhato – The Dhamma is not a speculative philosophy, but is the Universal Law found through enlightenment and is preached precisely. Therefore it is Excellent in the beginning (Sila or Moral principles), Excellent in the middle (Samadhi or Concentration) and Excellent in the end (Panna or wisdom),

2. Sanditthiko – The Dhamma is testable by practice and known by direct experience,

3. Akaliko – The Dhamma is able to bestow timeless and immediate results here and now, for which there is no need to wait until the future or next existence.

4. Ehipassiko – The Dhamma welcomes all beings to put it to the test and to experience it for themselves.

5. Opaneyiko – The Dhamma is capable of being entered upon and therefore it is worthy to be followed as a part of one’s life.

6. Paccattam veditabbo vinnunhi – The Dhamma may be perfectly realized only by the noble disciples who have matured and enlightened enough in supreme wisdom.

May all beings be well & happy and attain the fruit of Nibbana.