Once a prominent Brahmin named Sela with the three hundred young men approached the Blessed One and exchanged friendly greetings, sat on a side, and examined the thirty two marks of a Great Man, and praised the Blessed One by saying these verses. These verses indicate the appearance and true nature of the Blessed One:

  1. Paripuṇṇakāyo suruci sujāto cārudassano – Suvaṇṇavaṇṇosi bhagavā susukkadāṭhosi viriyavā.

“O! Blessed One, you are handsome, is pleasant, Is well born, lovely to look at, has a golden hue, and strong white teeth.

  1. Narassa hi sujātassa ye bhavanti viyañjanā – Sabbe te tava kāyasmiṃ mahāpurisalakkhaṇā.

To those born well, there are marks, All the marks of a Great Man are evident on your body.

  1. Pasannanetto sumukho brahā3 uju patāpavā – Majjhe samaṇasaṅghassa ādiccova virocasi.

You have pleasant eyes a beautiful mouth, a straight and majestic body In the midst of the community you shine like the sun.

  1. Kalyāṇadassano bhikkhu kañcanasannibhattaco – Kinte samaṇabhāvena evaṃ uttamavaṇṇino.

The Monk with good looks is like a statue of gold, What is the use of your recluseship when so handsome.

  1. Rājā arahasi bhavituṃ cakkavattī rathesabho – Cāturanto vijitāvī jambusaṇḍassa issaro.

You should be a universal monarch, the leading charioteer Winning over the four quarters, should be the monarch of Jambudvīpa (India).

  1. Khattiyā bhogi rājāno5 anuyuttā bhavantu te – Rājābhirājā manujindo rajjaṃ kārehi gotama..

Should have warrior subordinate kings attached to you, O! Gotama, king of kings, win over the humans and rule”.

Then Blessed One said:

  1. Rājāhamasmi selā’ti dhammarājā anuttaro – Dhammena cakkaṃ vattemi cakkaṃ appativattiyaṃ.

“Sela, I am the righteous king, incomparable, Righteously I turn the wheel, not ever to be stopped.”

Then brahmin Sela said:

“Acknowledges, complete Knowledge, and incomparable righteous ruler ship, Says will turn the wheel of the Teaching righteously. Who are the good one’s generals, the disciples following the Teacher, For the wheel of the Teaching to roll on, who would roll it afterwards.”

Then Blessed One replied:

  1. Mayā pavattitaṃ cakkaṃ(selāti bhagavā) dhammacakkaṃ anuttaraṃ – Sāriputto anuvatteti anujāto tathāgataṃ.

“Sela, this incomparable wheel of righteousness rolled by me, Will be rolled afterwards by Sāriputta, born after the Thus Gone One.

  1. Abhiññeyyaṃ abhiññātaṃ bhāvetabbañca bhāvitaṃ – Pahātabbaṃ pahīnaṃ me tasmā buddhosmi brāhmaṇa.

Brahmin, I realized what should be realized, developed what should be developed, Dispelled what should be dispelled, therefore I’m enlightened.”

(Sela Sutta – Majjima Nikaya )

May all beings be well and happy & attain the fruit of Nibbana.