A lay devotee must refrain from 32 types of unskillful talks after observing eight or ten precepts or any kind of Uposatha Sila as these talks of the ordinary people not conductive to good, to giving up, to detachment, to cessation, to appeasement, to knowledge, to enlightenment. They are:

  1. Raja katha – Talk about kings,
  2. Chora Katha – Talk about robbers,
  3. Mahamachcha Katha – Talk about ministers,
  4. Sena Katha – Talk about armies,
  5. Bhaya Katha – Talk about fears,
  6. Uadda Katha – Talk about wars,
  7. Anna Katha – Talk about eatables,
  8. Paana Katha – Talk about drinks,
  9. Waththa Katha – Talk about clothes,
  10. Mala Katha- Talk about flowers,
  11. Ghanda Katha – Talk about scents,
  12. Knathi Katha – Talk about relations,
  13. Yana Katha – Talk about Vehicles or conveyances,
  14. Gama Katha – Talk about villages,
  15. Nigama Katha – Talk about hamlets,
  16. Nagaralankara Katha – Talk about towns,
  17. Janapada Katha – Talk about states,
  18. Eththi Katha – Talk about women,
  19. Shura Katha – Talk about heroes,
  20. Sura Katha – Talk about intoxicants,
  21. Visika Katha – gossip at the street corner and
  22. Kumbattana Katha – gossip at the well,
  23. Pubba Petha Katha – Talk of those dead and gone,
  24. Narnatta Katha – various useless talk apart from these 32.
  25. Lokaikika Katha – Talk about the beginning of the world,
  26. Samuddakkaikika Katha – Talk about the ocean,
  27. Shaswatha Ditti Katha – Talk about eternal soul after death,
  28. Uchcheda Ditti Katha – Talk about annihilation of soul after death,
  29. Wuridi Katha – Talking about others prosperity,
  30. Hani Katha – Talking about others debacle or less fortune,
  31. Pancha Kama Suka Katha : Talking about various sensuous pleasures,
  32. Attakilamathanuyogi Katha – Talking about Self mortification as a form of liberation.

By engaging in these 32 types of talks, one will develop greed (lobha), illwill (Dosa), ignorance (Moha) which are hazardous to the eight fold path or Nibbana. There fore one must abstain from these 32 types of talks & engage in 10 types of useful talks Preached in Rathavineeta Sutta in Majjima Nikaya which will be discussed in the next post.

May all beings be well & happy and attain the fruits of Nibbana.