There are six types of persons according to their temperament or nature.

1 Ràga-carita – the greedy-natured who indulge in sensuous pleasure without shame; The greedy-natured persons should exercise the ten Asubhas (Reflection on the 10 loathsome objects) and kàyagatàsati (Reflection on the 32 impure parts of the body)as these can suppress passion effectively.

2 Dosa-carita – the hate-natured who get angry easily even over trivial things; the hate-natured persons should practise the four Brahmavihàras (4 sublime abodes) and the four colour-kasinas. I.e. nela, peeta, lohita and odàta kasinas. These meditations are pure and serene and can delight persons who exercise them.

3 Moha-carita – the stupid or dull-natured; the stupid and dull-natured persons as well as the ruminating-natured persons should practice ànàpànassati. The minds of these people are restless and distracted because of uddacca, vicikicchà and vitakka. In ànàpànassati the in-breathing and the out-breathing have to be noted rhythmically. So ànàpànassati can control and calm down the restless minds.

4 Saddhà-carita – the faithful-natured who venerate the Triple-Gem piously: The faithful-natured persons should practise Buddhànussati, dhammànussati, sanghànusssati, silànussati, càgànussati and devatànussati. Saddhà (faith) is already strong in these persons and it will be further strengthened to great benefits by practicing these recollection meditative objects.

5 Buddhi-carita – the intelligent-natured who rely on reason and would not believe easily; the intelligent-natured persons should practice maranànussati, upasamànusssati, àhàre-patikula-sannà and catudhàtu- vavatthàna. The subjects of these meditations  are deep and subtle, and thus they can stimulate and strengthen the wisdom of the intelligent-natured persons.

6 Vitakka-carita – the ruminating-natured who think over this and that without accomplishing much. The ruminating-natured persons should practice ànàpànassati like in the Moha Carita.

The kammaññhànas which are suitable to all types of persons are pathavi-kasina, àpo-kasina, tejo-kasina, vàyo kasina, aloka-kasina, àkàsa-kasina and the four àruppas( 4 immaterial spheres).

May all beings be well and happy & attain the fruits of Nibbana.