1. The dwelling is not too remote, nor too close and is endowed with easy reach.
  2. The dwelling is not too crowded during the day and with little noise and much silence during the night.
  3. The dwelling with few attacks from gadflies and yellow flies, heat of the air and creeping things, serpents.
  4. To those abiding in that dwelling, robes, morsel food, dwellings and requisite needs are fulfilled without difficulty.
  5. In that monastery reside elder bhikkhus, who are learned, recalling with the headings the Teaching and Discipline handed down from the past. From time to time they could be approached and asked. ‘Venerable sir, what is the meaning of this’ and those venerable ones would explain to him, make manifest the hidden meanings and dispel doubts in the Teaching (Dhamma).

Dwellings endowed with these five factors are suitable for destroying desires, releasing the mind from desires and attain wisdom.

May all beings be well and happy and attain the fruits of Nibbana.