Abhinna include various special abilities one get through Samatha meditation (Tranquility Meditation/ bavana). This is possible only for the ones who has gained the four/ five jhàna (absorption). In Abhidhamma methods five jhanas are there when compared to four jhanas in sutta pitaka method. This differentiation comes due to two types of persons based on their wisdom or panna. Those two types of persons are Thikka Panna (developed wisdom) and Manda panna (Not so developed wisdom). A person with developed wisdom can subdue two jhana factors ( Vitakka & Vicara) simultaneously when attaining second jhana. But for the person with lack of wisdom can subdue only a one jhana factor when attaining second jhana. That person subdue other jhana factor (vicara) when attaing third jhana. For that person, five jhanas are needed to subdue all five jhana factors ( vitakka, vicara, piti, suka, ekkaggata) unlike the developed wisdom person who only need four jhanas. The above mentioned meditater can develop the following five kinds of super normal knowledge or vision:

1.Iddhividha – Flying through the air, walking on water, diving into the earth, creation of forms, etc. belong to this category.

2. Dibbasotha – is the Celestial Ear, also called Clairvoyance, which enables one to hear subtle or coarse sounds far or near.

3. Paracittavijànana – is the power to discern the thoughts of others.

4. Pubbenivàsànussati – is the power to remember the past lives of oneself and others. This is the first super normal vision the Buddha developed during the first watch on the night He attained Enlightenment. With regard to this knowledge the Buddha’s power is limitless, while in the case of others it is limited.

5. Dibbacakkhu – is the Celestial or Divine Eye, also called clairvoyance, which enables one to see heavenly or earthly things, far or near, which are imperceptible to the physical eye. This was the second knowledge the Buddha developed during the second watch on the night of His Enlightenment.

Cutåpapàtanàna , knowledge with regard to the dying and reappearing of beings, is identical with this Celestial Eye. Anàgataüsanana, knowledge with regard to the future, and yathàkammåpaganàna, knowledge with regard to the faring of beings according to their own good and bad actions, are two other kinds of knowledge belonging to the same category. These come within the range of the Buddha’s Omniscience. These five kinds of super normal vision are worldly. To these should be added the sixth super normal knowledge — Asavakkhayanàna—Knowledge with regard to the extinction of passions which is supramundane. The first five kinds may be developed at any period; but the last, only during a Buddha-cycle or during the buddha’s period.

Edan vo punna kamman asavakkaya wahan hothu sabba dukka pamuchchathu..

May this wholesome kamma will help you in attaining the fruits of Nibbana.