In general, when we say we have a view about something we mean our actions, beliefs, feelings, and thoughts in relation to it. Right View or Samma Ditti is having wise beliefs, feeling and thoughts accompanied with wisdom. The wrong view or Miccha Ditti in the other hand, said to be the view of the Nihilists, is identified as the ‘definite wrong view’, Niyatha Micca Ditti , that destines one to lower realms, i.e four states of deprivation ( sathra apaya) and conceal one’s path toward enlightenment or Nibbana. Key beliefs of the person with a definite wrong view include:

  1. Natthi Dinnan : No benefit in offering alms.
  1. Natthi Yettan : No benefit in large offerings or alms.
  1. Natthi Huthan : No benefit in offerings to virtuous people.
  1. Natthi sukata dukkata kammanan palan vipako : There is no kamma results for merit or demerit in deeds.
  1. Natthi Ayan loko : Beings do not born in human realm from other realms. Ex ; from celestial/ brahma realms, etc.
  1. Natthi paro loko : Beings do not pass from one existence (realms) to the other (realms).
  1. Natthi Matha : No purpose in caring for mother.
  1. Natthi pitha : No purpose in caring for father.
  1. Natthi satta opapathika : No spontaneous becoming i.e. becoming of gods, brahmas and hungry ghosts (petas) etc.
  1. Natthi loke samanabrahmana sammaggatha samma patipanna ye emancha lokan parancha lokan sayan abhinna sachchikatva pavaedenthi : There aren’t any ascetics who preach dhamma that lead to enlightenment and which can’t be perceived by ordinary lay beings by their own.

Being free from these ten wrong views is an essential feature to the cultivate right view(Samma Ditti) in path toward the Nibbana.

May all beings be well and happy & attain the fruits of Nibbana.