Maha sihanada Sutta in Majjima Nikaya include a discussion happened between the Lord Buddha & the chief disciple, venerable Sariputta. The Ten Wisdom-powers of the Buddha enumerated in that sutta are:

  1. Thanathanakosallanana = Understanding as it truly is the possible as possible and the impossible as impossible.
  1. Kammavipaka nana = Understanding as it truly is the results of actions (kammas) undertaken, past, future, and present, with possibilities and with causes.
  1. Sabbatthagamina patipada nana = Understanding as it truly is the ways leading to all destinations (all the states of existence and Nibbana).
  1. Anekadhatu nanadhatu nana = Understanding as it truly is the world with its many and different elements.
  1. Nanadhimuttikatanana = Understanding as it truly is how beings have different inclinations.
  1. Indriyaparopariyattanana = Understanding as it truly is the disposition of the faculties of other beings, other persons.
  1. Jhanadisankilitthavodanavutthananana = Understanding as it truly is the defilement, the cleansing and the emergence in regard to the Jhanas, liberations concentrations, and attainments.
  1. Pubbenivasanussatinanaa = Recollecting past lives.
  1. Cutupapatanana (Dibbacakkhunana ) = With the divine eye which is purified and surpasses the human, seeing beings passing away and reappearing, inferior and superior, fair and ugly, fortune and unfortune), Understanding how beings pass away according to their kammas.
  1. Asavakkhayanana = Realizing for Himself with direct knowledge, here and now entering upon and abiding in the deliverance of mind and deliverance by wisdom that are taintless with the destruction of the taints.

May all beings be well and happy & attain the fruits of Nibbana.